America – Your Slip Is Showing


     Barack Obama’s transformation of America gets an inspection from a British cousin.  The world is watching – are we?  ( << Click Text.  From:  The BBC.  Link provided by )

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Tea Party Protests vs. Occupy…Same/Same? — Not Hardly

(From MSNBC)  In case you’ve forgotten those fire-breathing Tea Party protesters (racist, bigot, homphobes, spouting hate and disrespect toward their government, and social justice, etc./etc.), I reacquaint you now (from 2010) with this phenomenal tour-de-force of anti-social behavoir.  Unbelievable.

Reagan Teaches Obama Social Economics

This may be a re-run for some of you, but it’s worth a second look and, quite possibly, has never been more pertinent. It’s from the 2010 documentary “I Want Your Money” — by filmmaker Ray Griggs. If you like this clip, I urge you to que it up on Netflix.

Newt Puts Merciful End to Campaign


When a man can conquer an ego like that, there’s hope for him yet.   ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )


[Photo by: Gage Skidmore. Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported]

U.S. Supremes Mull Over AZ Illegal Immigration Law


     Soliciter General Donald Verilli has a tough job selling Obama’s over-reach. Justices press challenges to federal argument.  ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )




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Name That Dictator


      Somebody’s on a power trip and we’re along for the ride.  ( << Click Text. From: The NY Times. Link provided by )




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Motor City Madman Good With Secret Service


Trust me. This guy is no threat to national security.  ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )