Economic Recovery – Not Rocket Science

( From: Pajamas Media/Front Page )  Stunning, that so many of the intellectual left who claim to have a righteous handle on how economies should function (Keynes) remain glued to the policies that have produced incessant unemployment and a double-dip recession. If you want a clear synopsis of where we are, and where we need to be economically, watch this:

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Hoyer – Food Stamps & Unemployment Most Stimulative


     This is what we’ve been reduced to under Progressive leadership.  The left is confident that you are too STUPID to see the flaw in this concept. #HadEnoughYet ?  ( << Click Text. From:  CNS News. Link provided by )

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Kansas Gov. Brownback Models Fiscal Sanity

(From:  MSNBC)  Governor Sam Brownback appeared on the Dem.-shill channel long enough to explain what takes place when government gets out of the way.  Cut spending, watch the budget, cut taxes and incentivise job-growth.  Kansas has overcome its budget deficit and is on track to produce a surplus while many of its neighbors languish in stagflation.

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Manufacturing Weakens – Jobs Wane


     I just want to know when this becomes Obama’s economy?  Will we be into his (proposed) second term before the public stop’s buying the, “It’s Bush’s fault,” excuse?  ( << Click Text.  From:  Reuters.  Link provided by )

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$9 Billion in Stimulus for 910 Jobs. Your Money Invested “Wisely”


     You can do the math:  Roughly $9.8 million per job.  This Keynesian method of hyper-spending is really feeding the “hope and change” theme.  ( << Click Text.  From:  CNS News.  Link provided by )

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Senator Sessions Calls It Like It Is

(From: CSPAN)  For those who think that common sense does not exist in our government, I give you this from the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee.  Is anybody listening?

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The Worst is Yet to Come


U.S. Consumer prices rise mainly on cost of fuel.  ( << Click Text. From: The BBC. Link provided by )



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