Fiscal Insanity – The New Normal

     How many farmers would it take to put this country back on course for a balanced budget? Easily less than our current lot of utopian whiz-kids, fallen to the enormous misconception that they have a CLUE. Honestly, can we get a 5 year-old to advise the president on matters of economics?  ( << Click Text. From:  Breitbart. Link provided by )

Related:  Fed. Gov’t Adds Another Trillion.  Fifth Year Straight.  ( From:  CNS News. )

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$9 Billion in Stimulus for 910 Jobs. Your Money Invested “Wisely”


     You can do the math:  Roughly $9.8 million per job.  This Keynesian method of hyper-spending is really feeding the “hope and change” theme.  ( << Click Text.  From:  CNS News.  Link provided by )

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