Obama/Keynes Leave Their Mark

     Under the steadfast leadership of Barack Obama our national unemployment rate has never been south of 8.1%. It is now 8.3% and the White House wants us to treat it as positive news. The left’s cannonization of John Maynard Keynes, a BRITISH economist who’s asinine professions that government can SPEND a nation into a healthy economy, continues to prove an expensive mistake for us all.  ( << Click Text. From:  CNS News. Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

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Economic Recovery – Not Rocket Science

( From: Pajamas Media/Front Page )  Stunning, that so many of the intellectual left who claim to have a righteous handle on how economies should function (Keynes) remain glued to the policies that have produced incessant unemployment and a double-dip recession. If you want a clear synopsis of where we are, and where we need to be economically, watch this:

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Capitalism: The Only Sensible Recovery

(From: Fox News/Glenn Beck)  This is actually about a year old, but maybe, never more necessary.  Capitalism gets disrespected an awful lot by the Left because of its ability to empower the individual (Strong individuals are harder to subjugate.). The fact is, capitalism is the only system of socio-economics to actually lift the poor out of poverty.  Here’s why: