Russian Bear Rears its Ugly Head


     The world is becoming militant, divided and DANGEROUS. Have a look at the swift reconstruction of the Soviet Union under the veiled dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, and consider their alliances with China, Iran and Venezuela.  ( << Click Text. From:  RIA Novosti. Link provided by )

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China Expanding Influence in Western Hemisphere


Two articles:

 Military interests being pursued in Argentina.  ( << Click Text.  From:  AP. )

Trade & economic development with Cuba, including biotechnology.  ( << Click Text.  From: Xinhua. )

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China Ignores International Sanctions on Iran


     In a move that typifies the gathering hostile triumvirate (i.e. Russia, China, Iran) China stiff-arms US efforts to deter Iranian nuclear aggression.   ( << Click Text.  From: Fars News Agency.  Link provided by )

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Chinese Military Space Initiative – Aggressive


     China is building up space warfare assets to assault U.S. interests in space, should the opportunity arise. China-rising; Russia-rising; Iran-rising; Now is not the time to be thinking about emaciating our military.  ( << Click Text.  From: The Washington Free Beacon.  Link provided by

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Chinese “Fake Parts” Permeate U.S. Defense Equipment

    Critical electronic parts could affect safety and utility.  ( << Click Text. From: The BBC.  Link provided by )

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Photos – U.S / Phillipines Joint Military Exercises


     China’s a little pissed that this is taking place in a disputed area of the South China Sea. View these photos from Chinese media.   ( << Click Text. From: Xinhua. Link provided by )




Iran Intends to Reverse Engineer Downed U.S. Drone

    Claims to have cracked data encription codes. Pentagon concerned that advanced optic technology and chemical makeup of radar reflecting paint will be reverse engineered and shared with hostile nations.  ( << Click Text. From: The BBC. Link provided by The )


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