Obama/Keynes Leave Their Mark

     Under the steadfast leadership of Barack Obama our national unemployment rate has never been south of 8.1%. It is now 8.3% and the White House wants us to treat it as positive news. The left’s cannonization of John Maynard Keynes, a BRITISH economist who’s asinine professions that government can SPEND a nation into a healthy economy, continues to prove an expensive mistake for us all.  ( << Click Text. From:  CNS News. Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

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Media – Sins of Omission


     The vaunted Chevy Volt has had a miserable sales run and has ultimately cost the public treasury millions, if not billions, of dollars.  The left, and in this example the mainstream media, is putting America in a stranglehold. Read this clear example.  ( << Click Text. From:  NewsBusters. Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

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This is How Leftists Choke-Hold the Electorate


     Leftist, Socialist, Commie, Iranian-Sycophant, Hugo Chavez resorts to the old play book, threatening an end to social entitlements if the right-wing candidate should happen to win.  Entitlements are used as a leveraging tool by political power-merchants to COMPEL the electorate to vote for their next “fix.”  Not really about building people up, as much as holding them down.  #DontDrinkThat.  ( << Click Text. From:  Xinhua. Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

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Russia To Send Navy to Protect Supplies to Assad

     Putin is interested in protecting his ability to supply/rearm the Syrian government. He’s betting Obama will wet himself and do as he is “instructed.”  ( << Click Text. From:  RIA Novosti. Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

Related: Iran Still Counts on Russian S-300 Delivery.  ( From:  RIA Novosti. )

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Putin Probes U.S. Defenses


     Sensing American weakness, former Soviet cheerleader & current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, pulls out the old play book.  Adds a little creedence to Mitt Romney’s claim that Russia is still the biggest threat to the U.S.  ( << Click Text.  From: The Washington Free Beacon.  Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Major Provisions of Arizona Immigration Law

     Supremes rule on Arizona’s Immigration initiatives and leave the average person wondering why in the hell the Federal Goverment would sue on principles so closely related to Federal laws.   ( << Click Text.  From:  Reuters.  Link provided by TheStalwartEnterprise.com )

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Holder Witholds – Obama Covers With Executive Privilege

(From: Fox News)  President Obama’s last minute power-play virtually insures that this story is worthy of investigation.  The implications of this left-wing initiative (designed to mollify or iradicate the second amendment of the Constitution) could manifest as high as an act of war on a foreign country.

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