Is Gun Control About Public Safety?


     Witness here a prelude to post-Second Amendment America.  ( << Click Text. From:  RIA Novosti. Link provided by )

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Fiscal Insanity – The New Normal

     How many farmers would it take to put this country back on course for a balanced budget? Easily less than our current lot of utopian whiz-kids, fallen to the enormous misconception that they have a CLUE. Honestly, can we get a 5 year-old to advise the president on matters of economics?  ( << Click Text. From:  Breitbart. Link provided by )

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Economic Recovery – Not Rocket Science

( From: Pajamas Media/Front Page )  Stunning, that so many of the intellectual left who claim to have a righteous handle on how economies should function (Keynes) remain glued to the policies that have produced incessant unemployment and a double-dip recession. If you want a clear synopsis of where we are, and where we need to be economically, watch this:

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Hoyer – Food Stamps & Unemployment Most Stimulative


     This is what we’ve been reduced to under Progressive leadership.  The left is confident that you are too STUPID to see the flaw in this concept. #HadEnoughYet ?  ( << Click Text. From:  CNS News. Link provided by )

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Union Bosses Eager to Facilitate – “Bullshit”

     How long will you tolerate being ripped off and continue to support the perpetraitors?  Thank God, for  James O’Keefe and the people at Breitbart!  This is the BEST in journalism.  ( << Click Text. From:  Breitbart. Link provided by

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Media – Sins of Omission


     The vaunted Chevy Volt has had a miserable sales run and has ultimately cost the public treasury millions, if not billions, of dollars.  The left, and in this example the mainstream media, is putting America in a stranglehold. Read this clear example.  ( << Click Text. From:  NewsBusters. Link provided by )

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This is How Leftists Choke-Hold the Electorate


     Leftist, Socialist, Commie, Iranian-Sycophant, Hugo Chavez resorts to the old play book, threatening an end to social entitlements if the right-wing candidate should happen to win.  Entitlements are used as a leveraging tool by political power-merchants to COMPEL the electorate to vote for their next “fix.”  Not really about building people up, as much as holding them down.  #DontDrinkThat.  ( << Click Text. From:  Xinhua. Link provided by )

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