American Liberty in Decline

     It begins.  Surrender your religion or your business.  ( << Click Text. From:  CNS News. Link provided by )

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The Long Arm of the Law


     When a government can suspend your liberty for the most basic of human operations — IT IS OPPRESSIVE. When did collecting WATER become illegal? ( << Click Text. From:  CNS News. Link provided by )

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Giving It All Away


    The Obama Admistration is working actively to surrender U.S. sovereignty to various world organizations. Time to wake up, folks! This is where we decide whether we still want the gift that we were given.  ( << Click Text. From:  The Washington Times. Link provided by )

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If It Disagrees – Kill It.


     In accordance with the Alinsky method, there is no such thing as true diversity of opinion. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” (Alinsky. Rule #10)  Dan Cathy stays true to his beliefs, espouses them in proper context, and gay-advocate, political vigilantes want blood and treasure.  ( << Click Text. From:  CBS News. Link provided by )

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Fiscal Insanity – The New Normal

     How many farmers would it take to put this country back on course for a balanced budget? Easily less than our current lot of utopian whiz-kids, fallen to the enormous misconception that they have a CLUE. Honestly, can we get a 5 year-old to advise the president on matters of economics?  ( << Click Text. From:  Breitbart. Link provided by )

Related:  Fed. Gov’t Adds Another Trillion.  Fifth Year Straight.  ( From:  CNS News. )

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Sally Ride – Gone

( From:  CBS News )  America has lost a national treasure. Would that we gave her half as much.

Update: Sally Ride Remembered. ( From: Yahoo News )

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Economic Recovery – Not Rocket Science

( From: Pajamas Media/Front Page )  Stunning, that so many of the intellectual left who claim to have a righteous handle on how economies should function (Keynes) remain glued to the policies that have produced incessant unemployment and a double-dip recession. If you want a clear synopsis of where we are, and where we need to be economically, watch this:

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