Iran’s Terror Proxy, Hezbollah, In Western Hemisphere

(From: Univision) Iran, while insisting that its sovereignty rights are being violated, is expanding its covert war on Western Civilization by setting up operations in the Western Hemisphere.

Recently exposed on the documentary “Rumors of War III”, Hezbollah operatives have liasoned with drug cartels to infiltrate America via tunnels in the southern U.S. border. The aim is to attack America from within, possibly with simultaneous attacks utilizing weapons of mass effect (i.e., dirty or biological weapons).

This video exposes the finance component of Iran’s initiative and should serve as a warning as to their intent to cause mass casualties within The United States.


Delta’s Refinery Bid Alive and Kickin’

     Early skeptics on the success of this venture might, ultimately, be surprised.  ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )

     Update: Refinery could be online by third quarter. ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )

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Reagan Teaches Obama Social Economics

This may be a re-run for some of you, but it’s worth a second look and, quite possibly, has never been more pertinent. It’s from the 2010 documentary “I Want Your Money” — by filmmaker Ray Griggs. If you like this clip, I urge you to que it up on Netflix.

U.S. F-22’s Stationed Near the Straits of Hormuz

(From: Foxnews)  If push comes to shove, the U.S. will be doing the shovin’.  World’s foremost air-superiority fighter is 10 minutes from Iran.

Boehner: “My God, do we have to fight about everything?”


     Accuses Dems of creating a political ruckus with regard to extending student loan subsidies,  where there is general agreement.  ( << Click Text. From: The Washington Times. Link provided by )


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The Worst is Yet to Come


U.S. Consumer prices rise mainly on cost of fuel.  ( << Click Text. From: The BBC. Link provided by )



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U.S. Attorney General May Face Citation


House Republicans investigating Fast and Furious scandel pursue contempt citation.  ( << Click Text. From: CBS News. Link provided by )



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