Shooting For the Wrong Goal


U.S. to become highest corporate taxpayer in the industrialized world. Mmmm Chaaannge!  ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )



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U.S. Hero Dies to Save Afghan Girl


This is the reason that when the American military is in country, innocents run TO us, not away. Selfless.  ( << Click Text. From: ABC News.  Link provided by )









U.S. Autism Statistics Reach New High


Now, 1 in 88 children is diagnosed with Autism or related disorders. This has become a silent epidemic and national tragedy.   ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )




Obamacare: The Frog and The Scorpion

(From: The Stalwart Enterprise. Author: Phil Zieber)  For those unfamiliar with the adage: A frog and a scorpion are at a river’s edge and want to get to the other side. The scorpion, recognizing his dilemma, entreats the frog to allow him to ride upon the frog’s back because he cannot swim. The frog says, “I can’t agree to that. You’re a scorpion and will surely sting me as I swim; and then I will drown.” But the scorpion reasons that it would be ridiculous for him to sting the frog because, in this case, they would both drown. After some chiding, the frog relents and the two begin their voyage across the river. About midway, the scorpion stings the frog and before they both descend the frog pleads, “You said you wouldn’t sting me?” To which the scorpion replies, “But, I’m a scorpion. It’s who I am.”

There are those who believe that fully implemented Obamacare will bring about a renaissance in American healthcare; it will be somehow more accessible, more humane and better for all concerned. As the components of this impending mandate reveal themselves with time, the American public is about to discover what a nefarious usurpation of power they have agreed to, and what a tragic mess it will make of the most envied healthcare product in the world.

According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Attending Physician at NYU and Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, we’ve only seen subtle changes thus far, but very soon (strategically delayed until post 2012 Presidential election cycle) many of us are about to get a stark lesson in indirect taxation.

By 2014, according to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the states will be mandated to set up a marketplace where people can purchase government approved healthcare plans. These state exchanges will likely offer only three choices, a bronze, silver and gold plan, but the difference will not be in the thoroughness of coverage provided. The extent of care will be the same among the three, but a bronze plan will have a higher co-pay and higher out-of-pocket cost to the consumer, thus a gold plan will be lower on co-pay and lower on the out-of-pocket costs.

According to Gottlieb, to assist in the purchase of these plans, the government will provide a consumer subsidy based on a person’s income (Here we go.). If you have a family of four and make about $40,000 a year, you’ll receive $12,000 toward the purchase of healthcare that costs roughly $14,500 in the state exchanges (state costs will vary due to population and demographics). The catch is, that above an income level of $60,000 per year, the subsidy payment begins to drop rather dramatically. In excess of $90,000, there will be NO subsidy and the consumer will pay for mandated healthcare outright. For those who were once covered by employer sponsored health plans, and perhaps paid a portion with pre-tax earnings, many will find themselves paying for new health plans, with after-tax earnings, completely unsubsidized. How about a $1000 dollar a month, veritable tax increase to make you appreciate “hope and change?”

Where quality is concerned, Gottlieb contends that reimbursement rates for physicians will settle at or below current Medicaid levels which may degrade services and availability. Doctors will have a financial incentive to economize care for certain conditions because of minimal compensation. Age marks instituted by bureaucrats may make early testing for certain conditions like prostate cancer or alzheimers unqualified for compensation, and thus the cost burden will fall entirely upon the consumer. This is a good deal for whom?

Obamacare is the perfect disguise for left-wing designs on power, wealth redistribution and personal liberty. We stand at the river’s edge about to take on hazardous cargo. Consumer beware — It’s who they are.

Five Reasons the U.S. Won’t Make It. (Part IV)

Turning Away From Capitalism

[This is Part 4 of a 5 Part Series.]

(From: The Stalwart Enterprise. Author: Phil Zieber)  There is nothing more inexorably wrapped in the fabric of the American Dream than vigorous capitalism. It is the only economic system that esteems the advancement of the individual and, therefore, the only fiscal policy that can be paired with a free society; to the exclusion of all others. You may favor socialism, but, ultimately, socialists are economic slaves to the State and not hardly free. You may lean communist, sold on recycled pledges of social utopia, but those of us with a little gray in our hair remember watching those who braved salivating dogs, machine-gunners, barbed wire and mine fields to escape it. We know, all too well, that communism becomes totalitarian almost overnight. It’s simply axiomatic; if an organized society is to be free, it must be capitalist.

The premise behind W. Cleon Skousen’s bestseller “The 5000 Year Leap” is that it took the advent of American Capitalism to significantly alter and advance human destiny. Consider that jealous protection of knowledge, wealth and power by overbearing bureaucracies hindered the development of civilization for thousands of years prior to our founding. Before the establishment of a nation where people were free to pursue their own happiness, man still warmed himself by an open fire, lit the darkness by naked flame, wrote with parchment and quill, and travelled by domesticated beast. Two hundred twenty-three years since the Constitutional Convention and the world has brought to market technological wonders like the personal computer, human heart transplantation and manned spaceflight. In essence the sum of our achievements since mankind was introduced to personal freedom constitutes (roughly) a 5000 year leap of technological advancements.  Every personal opportunity, amenity and convenience can be linked to the existence of the free market and capitalism.

Somehow, we’ve lost our appreciation for any of this; for the effort it takes to succeed; the sacrifice; the risk; the challenge. This could be due, in large part, because most of us don’t endeavor to take risks anymore. In the 1860’s, fully half of the American workforce was self-employed. We knew what it meant to build a life without a safety net. We were intrepid, self-inspired and competent. Our current self-employment rate is roughly 7%, and with that conversion has gone our self-reliance, and our national pride.

Americans have lost the ability to mind their own business. We now disdain success and achievement as if it were a public offense. Right now, frothing, clueless pawns of hostile organizations are camped in the streets of most every major city, defecating in alleys and preaching to the rest of us about being socially unaware. We set our eyes on somebody else’s income and prejudicially evaluate their right to it, as if WE had any moral claim to take it. We imply that a person should be LIMITED as to how much income one can make, and then turn the rest over to a government who squanders money without blinking. We have strayed so far from the original precepts of free-market capitalism that the example we have left is unrecognizable and nearly indefensible.

If the social-cryers and union soldiers succeed in collapsing our economy and institute some form of ready-made government “change” (Read: Communism under some other name), we will surely cease to be free and we will no longer be the United States of America.

Which Countries are Packing Nuclear Heat?


Roughly 20,000 warheads in world’s nuclear stockpile.  ( << Click Text. From: The BBC. Link provided by )




Obama Will Acquiesce to Russia – After His Re-election


     Medvedev – “I will transmit this information to Vladimir (Putin).”  Swell!  ( << Click Text. From: The Weekly Standard. Link provided by )