Mitt Pulls it Off in Michigan – Barely


Not exactly a rout. Also lands Arizona.  ( << Click Text. From: Reuters. Link provided by )




Five Reasons the U.S. Won’t Make It (Part II)

( Part II of a five part series. )

Untethered Politics

(From: Author: Phil Zieber)  When our founders set the example, in the early years of the republic, serving one’s country was a considerable burden. It meant dedicating a particular portion of a person’s life, arranging to vacate one’s trade or business, tabling issues of family and farm; in essence, putting one’s life on hold. It was the personification of the word sacrifice. Servitude was the willful act of submission, of reverence, to a cause worthy of such an act.

Benjamin Franklin said of our early politicians: “They have no profitable appointments, but a mere payment of daily wages, such as are scarcely equivalent to their expenses; so that, having no chance for great places, and enormous salaries or pensions, as in some countries, there is no canvassing or bribing for elections.”

Franklin knew that when political ambition met with reliable financial advantage, there would be wide scale entrenchment and corruption. He, of course, was indisputably correct.

Money and autocratic power are the lures to political “service” in modern America. When our politicians make office they wade in an egomaniacal pool with dynastic names like: Kennedy, Bush and Clinton. They learn the rules of the game, not from the Constitution, but from the guardians of political coronation in the My-Distinguished-Colleague club. Soon the servant becomes a master, tending less to the will of the people and more to the machinations of party and personal philosophy. It is almost their goal to make government too big to be understood so that the prevailing sentiments among the electorate acquiesce to the notion that only our leaders know what’s best.

Joe Biden – 39 years in federal government; John Boehner – 21 years; Nancy Pelosi – 24 years; Harry Reid – 28 years; Mitch McConnell – 29 years; Ted Kennedy (deceased) – 46 years; Richard Lugar – 35 years; Patrick Leahy – 38 years, Daniel Inouye – 48 years…We have populated our legislative branch with people who haven’t seen a private job in their entire professional existence. This is not service, it’s homesteading.

There are several re-election campaigns tied up in just these examples, but if we were to contemplate the entire Congress, the level of time expended toward ensuring one more term would be stunning.

If these people have become good at anything it’s garnering position and power, and the chief weapon in their arsenal is, once again, the government entitlement program. They dispense these like an aerosol narcotic, and the American populace falls for it every time. You can mess with home and hearth, but keep your filthy hands off my food stamps, my extended unemployment, and my “free” healthcare (ad infinitum). When election time rolls around it is only the suggested threat of ending a particular spending program that brings ‘em to the polls like sheep. That’s not about building people up, it’s about keeping people down.

Politics has always been passionate; it has always been smash-mouth and confrontational. But what used to link the majority of political disparates was a common belief in the uniqueness of our country, its values and foundational precepts. Our representatives were sworn to the Constitution, they believed in it, and they were tethered to the concepts of liberty, opportunity, and freedom.

The politics of our day has become a war of annihilation between partisan tribes. Gone is any respect for the traditions and paradigms that produced this nation’s initial success. Today a sitting president surrounds himself with self-avowed Socialists and Communists, bent on steering us away from our Constitutional principles, and there is no outrage from the people. Nothing is more corrosive to the soul of a free society.

As a collective, it seems that we don’t WANT the country that we inherited. We want a country where the confiscation of wealth is deemed honorable, but success by risk and reward is ironically judged as greed. We want a society that rewards the unambitious for casting a single vote, but enslaves the productive for being too efficient. We want to live in the narcotic fantasy that an omnipotent government will dispense fairness like a commodity and never abuse its power, even though that has NEVER happened in the history of human civilization. If this is the course we settle on; if our founding means nothing to us – the nation will not survive.

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