Let it be said, when historians catalog the events of our time, that we were the patriots of our era. Let them speak of our fidelity to freedom, prosperity, justice and happiness. Let no one despair that we were the vanguard of American idealism.

In endeavor of this stalwart enterprise, live free, revere the truth, and never weaken.

My best to you!

Phil Zieber

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Today’s National Debt Snapshot: August 15, 2012

$15,929,228,577,987.00     (That’s $15.9 trillion with a “T” [ > 104% GDP ])

Per Citizen:

$50,838.00     (Consider your infant child)

Per Taxpayer:

$139,907.00   (For those who carry the load)

U.S. Gross Domestic Product

$15,300,711,067,652.00     (Woefully short of GND.)

                                             >> How long can we spend more than we produce? <<


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  1. tearmatt says:

    I’ve had a little read of your posts and I must say that I love the angle that you take when reporting your thoughts. The fact that you see both sides of the argument is most admirable and makes a great change to all the angry political bloggers that you find online. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, I look forward to many more. Tearmatt.

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